Monday, 26 July 2010

Toenails and Jamtarts

It was a great weekend! Saturday I left the kids for the afternoon with a slightly panicked looking husband, and took myself into town to meet a good friend I hadn't seen in months. We lunched, drank fizzy wine and then treated our aged, gnarled feet to a girly pedicure. Accompanied by our newly painted hot pink toenails we succumbed to the lure of some more fizzy wine which then decided the issue of whether my friend should catch the 6.00 pm or the 7.00 pm train home in favour of the latter option. I was home and slightly tipsy by the grand old hour of 7.30 pm. Now that's living late-30-something-mother-of-two style!

Sunday, my guilt over the previous day's child abandonment manifested itself in a sudden creative burst of home baking, and my three year old son proudly made his first jam tarts!

Here he is enjoying the fruits of his labours;

and here he is realising that I wasn't joking when I told him 37 times that the jam really was very hot. 

Not to be outdone here is my one year old daughter caught red handed climbing up onto the tv table. 

Given that we must have got through about 7 tv's in the last two years (renting really is the only way to go with children of this age) she knows this is not allowed, but still the allure is hard to resist. Oh well. Looks like we'll be on the phone to Martin Dawes TV Rental again very soon.