Monday, 2 May 2011

Listography - 5 Simple Pleasures

This week's listography over at Kate's is one which appeals greatly. Here are 5 of my simple pleasures in life:

1. Slipping between freshly laundered sheets one hour early to indulge in some quality bedtime reading. Oh the luxury. It happens so rarely at my house (the clean sheets part, not the reading).

2. My morning latte and walk to work. Alone time - just me and the caffeine. It's a love thing.

3. Red magazine day. Look at it lying there on the dormat, encased enticingly in its pristine plastic wrapper, all full of pretty stuff and words of wisdom. Sigh. *strokes it lovingly*

4. Sneaky mid-week child free days with my husband. It's absolutely fine by me if all we do is go to the garden centre, as long as there is a lunch out thrown in to the mix too. Especially a pub lunch - or to be more specific - scampi and chips. I love scampi. In fact can I just change this choice to 'scampi'. Deep fried loveliness. Mmmmmmm.

5. Sunny picnics in our favourite local gardens. Even better if there are other children there for the kids to play with. Even better again if I have had sufficient forethought to prepare a flask of tea. Perfect.

Those are a few of mine. Why not pop over to Kate's to read a few others or to share yours.


Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Best £89.99 I Ever Spent