Monday, 25 April 2011

Back After A Brief Hiatus

Over the last month my poor blog has taken a back seat to the strains of a new job and the fact that building work meant the computer had been packed away together with all cutlery, glasses, camera equipment, sellotape, easter decorations and countless other daily essentials, which actually we found we can get by fine without.

Starting a new job has been pretty intense - new colleagues, new commute, new systems and a whole new area of law to learn, but stretching the old brain muscle does bring its own satisfaction and I think I'm on the way to bedding down into my new routine.

This is the sixth employer I have worked for within my career and I am proud to have collected friends from each place I have worked in who are still important in my life to this day. In my book this is a true mark of how good a place is to work for within the big scheme of things. My last firm was no exception and I hope the people I was most sorry to leave will be the people I continue to keep in touch with.

The building work is now nearly complete and we are loving the convenience of modern open plan living. No longer do I have to swerve through rooms and doors to get to my squabbling children when they are in the living room and I'm in the kitchen. Now I can just look up from what I'm doing and yell at them directly. Saves so much time.

Equally after tempting them from their early morning slack jawed Peppa Pig addiction with jammy toast, I no longer have to slalom back and forth with a wet cloth to mop up spills and jammy fingerprints. Now I just chuck the cloth right at them from the kitchen sink whilst loading the dishwasher for the umpteenth time and trying to force myself awake with my third strong coffee of the day. Bliss.

So here are a few highlights from the last month:

I learnt that Batman should never be upstaged by a younger sister on nursery superhero day.

I learnt that it is foolish - no rephrase that - it is stupid to expect young children to understand that it is ok to draw on a wall which mum and day say is going to be knocked down, but that DOES NOT mean they can just go round drawing on any other wall that takes their fancy. How stupid can parents be?

We have learnt that there is never any profit in trying to pass off your own work as the work of your four year old child's in the nursery Easter Bonnet competition. We was robbed.

And after organising an easter egg hunt for all of the neighbourhood children I remain secure in the knowledge that there is little in life I love more than the excuse for a celebratory party with it's own bunting.

I have missed my blog and fellow bloggers. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone and hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend. xx