Kerry on....reading

I read a lot. I originally intended to use this page to write reviews of the books I have read since starting my blog. However just for my own fun (and slightly due to sheer laziness) I have decided to take inspiration from Ernest Hemingway who took on a ten dollar bet that he could not write a story in just six words. He wrote:

'For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.'

He won the bet and, legend has it, considered the story his best work.

Accordingly here are my six word reviews:

'Thank You for the Days' by Mark Radcliff (autobiography);
Likeable Northerner. Would share a pint.

'Started Early. Took My Dog' by Kate Atkinson (fiction);
Shambolic detective saves day and dog.

'The White Queen' by Philipa Gregory (historical fiction)
Plantaganet fuckwits declare war then die.

'The Red Queen' by Philipa Gregory (historical fiction)
Scheming Tudor fuckwits plan world domination

'The Brightest Star' by Marion Keyes (fiction)
Twinkly Oirish charm. I love her.

'Taming Toddlers' by Dr Christopher Green (non-fiction)
Perhaps my toddler's not that bad.

'Making Babies' by Ann Enright (autobiography)
Didn't like her, didn't like book.

'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'  by Stieg Larsson (fiction)
Mystery, rape, murder and kickass heroine

'Byron in Love' by Edna O'Brien (biography)
What an arsehole. Didn't finish book.

'Her Fearful Symmetry' by Audrey Niffenegger (fiction)
Always knew identical twins were spooky.

'The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ' by Philip Pullman (fiction)
Jesus was ok, but religion? Hmmmmm.

'The Group' by Mary McCarthy (fiction)
Women's shit. It was ever thus.

'Separate Beds' by Elizabeth Buchan (fiction)
Middle aged marriage is hard work.

'Noah's Compass by Anne Tyler (fiction)
Like sinking into a velvet beanbag

'Auntie Mame' by Patrick Dennis (fiction)
How not to raise an orphan. 

'Sacred Hearts' by Sarah Dunant (historical fiction)
Rennaisance convent life, beautifully compelling read.

'Billy' by Pamela Stephenson (biography)
Hairy comedy gods' amazing life story.

'The Fry Chronicles' by Stephen Fry (autobiography)
Even national treasures get the blues.

'One Day' by David Nichols (fiction)
Worst ending ever. Am seriously upset.

'How To Be A Woman' by Caitlin Moran (autobiography)
Worship at feet of strident feminist