Wednesday, 21 July 2010

A New Camera

I've been a keen snapper for quite a while with my little point and press digital camera but was getting very irritated with that annoying shot-missing delay between pressing the button and the picture actually being taken. Especially so when you are trying to capture small children with their endless fidgeting and ferreting about. 

So I finally decided that I was ready to take the relationship further and make a serious commitment by investing in a shiny new Digital SLR camera. When I say 'investing' however I actually mean persuading my lovely husband to buy me one for my birthday. Thank you lovely, lovely husband x

I did my research and a few hundred pounds (ouch) later I am the proud owner of a Panasonic DMC-G1K, my decision being in no way influenced by the fact you could get £50 cashback as they have just brought out a new model (exactly the same as mine with a few more run of the mill mod cons - teasmaid, sat-nav and nubile servant to peel your grapes, you know the sort of thing). 

Well the instruction booklet is the size of war and peace, and I really do not have the patience for it being more of a trial and error girl, so I have been pressing random buttons and snapping away. This is my favourite shot so far being an action shot of my son's beloved game of 'being thrown into the air'. I am looking forward to getting better, and in the meantime am loving the very satisfying click my camera makes as I press the button. Much better than the little insipid beep from my point and press.