Kerry girl

I know she's not a doll, but I had a boy first.... and I love clothes.... and she's so cute.... and it won't be too long before she has her own sartorial opinions. So for now, and for my own fond memories, here is my record of what she did and what she wore when she did it.

Festival Shabby Chic

For a trip to the zoo, I wore spotty trews

Off to a Street Party
(facing stiff sartorial competition
from my brother's shirt)
Fencing with a Green Bean

A Baby's Work is Never Done

Just Hanging About

Log Clambering

Always Wear Something Pale
When Poking About in Muddy Grids

Working my Big Brother's
Dinosaur Jacket

Rolling about in my
 Party Clothes

A chocolate coloured (and covered)
Halloween witch

Looking Good in Spiderman Shades

Showing Who's Boss


Pensive. And a bit snotty.

A pirate princess and a pirate varmint. Arrrr.

A favourite frock.

Miss Mabel Lucie Atwell.

Just an average day fighting crime.

Just about to throw a wobbler. There is steel in those eyes.

On her 2nd birthday.