Friday, 8 July 2011

To My Two Year Girl

You were not my first, but you are my last. My baby. My adored girl.

Your infancy was not marked by the all-encompassing anxiety of the first time mother. I did not spend my time cowed by your vulnerability but instead wallowed in your perfect simplicity.

As a first time mother I didn’t trust my own instincts. I looked to others for guidance and answers and merely become confused and frustrated in the process. As a second time mother I trusted that you and I would find our own way together, and I was right.

You have enchanted and bewitched me from the moment we met. All cheeks, curls and dimples. With eyes of cornflower blue and hair that changes colour with the light. A sweet tempered, giddy, twinkling fairy.

There you go - twirling in your ballerina skirt banging your dolly’s buggy into some convenient ankle. Look there you are - grabbing your brother’s toys and running away shrieking with delight much to his annoyance. Oh and here you are – tugging me towards the fridge and demanding “Logurt and poon”.

You greet me every morning with a smile and cuddles which melt my heart. I will long for those cuddles in years to come and these memories will sustain me. For now I just beg shamelessly for more; “Another cuddle for mummy please. Oh and a kiss. No a big kiss…….” It is always you who loses interest first, lured away by an enticing book or an opportunity to tease your brother. Until then I will take all I am offered.

I was blessed with my first child. I never knew I could love another child as much - but then there was you. It was a done deal. I could no more resist you than I could decide to stop breathing.

And now you are two. For two whole years I have had the privilege of being your mummy, and I promise that I will do all I can to deserve the light, love and happiness which you continue to bring into our lives.

Happy birthday my darling daughter.