Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Redundancy - It's All In The Planning

So one week into the new year my colleagues and I get called in to see our boss, and are cordially advised that we have a choice of:

a) 20% pay cut, or
b) voluntary redundancy.

Oh and Happy New Year!

Having pondered this Hobsons Choice, I have plumped for option b). So like many other casualties of these current economic badlands it appears that I have a little downtime stretching ahead of me.

Am I downhearted? No, not I. Instead I am planning how best to use this little windfall of free time.

I plan to use my home gym to get fit;

(redundancy exercise plan)

I intend to catch up on some reading;

(redundancy reading matter)

I plan to spend time catching up on popular culture:

Click for larger image
(redundancy culture)

I intend to improve my culinary skills:

(redundancy cuisine)

Maybe even turn a regular lunch into a boozy lunch with the girls:

(redundancy drinking)

I plan to take a few day trips:

Job Centre Plus
(redundancy excitement)

and I plan to take some time to work on my wardrobe:

(redundancy chic)

Wow. It's going to be great. Really!