Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Here’s a good idea from the lovely Kate Takes 5. I’ve never been sufficiently on the ball to join in all the Silent Sundays, Gallery’s and Wordless Wednesdays etc, but here is my offering for Kate’s new Listography:

My Top 5 Things About Having Kid’s:

1. Minesweeping their leftovers by way of an aperitif for your own evening meal.
2. The magic healing powers of your kisses and cuddles.
3. Playing, playing, playing.
4. Cuddling a warm toddler as they sleep in your bed, occasionally warming your leg with little bubbles of flatulent contentment.
5. Knowing the secret spot where with one well aimed tickling finger you can reduce your child to helpless crumpled giggles. Total control for a few fleeting seconds.