Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Simple Things That Make Me Happy. Parts 2 (i) & (ii)

(i) I was walking past the bookshop near my office at lunchtime and spotted in the window that one of my favourite authors has a new novel out in hardback, and that it was being promoted with a half price offer. I excitedly went in to the bookshop to treat myself only to be told that I had double loyalty points on my reward card to cash in, all of which reduced the price of the book from £18.00 to £4.51!

Am now looking forward to an extra early bedtime tonight, engrossed in a bit of quality crime fiction. Curled up under the duvet is my favourite place to read.

(ii) Everyone has at least one dark secret - one of mine is that I am a self confessed frivolous clothes junkie.

Having long coveted the J Brand Houlihan cargos - so flattering but at £245.00 a seriously painful investment, I just happened to pop into H&M the other day and found a perfect copy of this celebrity staple. I took them into the changing room with great trepidation and sweaty palms, expecting to be disappointed only to find that they fitted like a dream and were just as nice to wear, if slightly less elastic. As it this was not enough they cost the grand total of £29.99 - it was a happy, happy day for my purse, and for my thighs which last wore a flattering pair of skinny trousers some time in the 80's......
J Brand Houlihan low-rise skinny cargo pants